Wisdom teeth, or third molars also called eights

The third molars are sometimes called eights and wisdom teeth. The period of their eruption
It usually occurs between the ages of 17 and 22, but in some patients the eights erupt much later.
Eights do not always erupt completely and, therefore, can not always play a physiological role in the oral cavity. Totally or partially stopped eight can be the cause of the formation of pathological changes and if it is a tooth that is functionally unusable or does not have a chance to eject properly, it should be removed.

So, when is it especially worth consulting with the dentist about the removal of the occiput?

A reaction is necessary if the area Wisdom tooth refers to recurrent inflammations, accompanying
syndrome of difficult tooth extraction, which may manifest as swelling, redness, etc.
gums around the occiput and noticeable discomfort. These symptoms can pass and recur, you should not
However, underestimate them, because they can turn into symptoms of acute inflammation. if
there will be a jaw crunch, swelling of the cheek, pain or an accompanying increased body temperature,
urgently go to the dentist!
Stopped eight symptoms:
  • Chronic pain
  • Jawbone (difficulty opening the mouth)
  • Severe pain in the sevens and surrounding teeth due to wisdom teeth retention
  • Pains radiating to the entire dental arches
  • Bite defects
  • Inflammation of the gingival pocket above the retained tooth
  • Periodontosis of the tooth adjacent to the occiput
Another clue may be the presence of difficulties related to everyday treatments
in the area of incorrectly located and hard-to-reach eighth teeth.
An incorrectly placed or only partially ejected eight is very difficult to effectively
clean with a brush, which results in the development of caries and the formation of a cavity. Moreover
an incorrectly located figure eight can have a negative effect on the condition sevens — to be
The cause of caries and resorption (decay) of the root of the seven.

Let us also pay attention to Orthodontic indications. The removal of the octagon often plays an important role in preventing the development of orthodontic defects (e.g. crowding of teeth) and can be an integral part of the preparation for the start Orthodontic treatment in order to achieve optimal treatment results malocclusion.
Do not underestimate the presence Retained tooththat the dentist informed you about, for example, by analyzing
X-ray examination performed to treat another tooth. Even invisible in the pit
Oral eight, which does not give any complaints, should be periodically monitored. Changes
diseases, such as, for example, bundle cysts, can develop asymptomatically for a long time around
an unextracted tooth, resulting in further bone degeneration and even posing a risk
tumor transformation.

Recommendations after extraction

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. After the procedure, it is very important to maintain the hygiene of the place after the extracted wisdom tooth. For two hours, you should not drink or eat anything. Then for 12 hours we do not brush our teeth. In the next few days, we recommend using a brush with soft bristles and avoiding the treatment area. It is important to avoid physical exertion and avoid touching the postoperative area (especially in the first 24 hours).

What to eat after plucking an eight?

The 24 hours following the procedure are crucial. It is then forbidden to drink hot liquids and eat hard foods. It is forbidden to drink alcohol and drinks containing caffeine in the composition.

What about the pain after the removal of the eights?

After each extraction, swelling and pain complaints may appear. What to do in this case? The sore spot can be wrapped with a cold gel compress or a regular compress. Remember not to apply ice directly to the skin of the cheek. We can get frostbite in this way. It is also allowed to take painkillers that are available without a prescription or means issued by a doctor.

In summary, as in any health issue, so in the case of octopus “better to prevent than to cure.” So do not wait for the appearance of ailments - consult Dentist. If you decide to delete octagon, do not approach the procedure negatively. All scheduled procedures in our office are preceded by a consultation with the dentist Agnieszka Kierat — specialist dental surgery. The consultation is the time to plan the treatment in detail and answer all your questions that concern it.
Examination of your health, analysis of radiological examinations and planning of possible
Perioperative drug therapy by a specialist doctor will allow safe and effective
to carry out the procedure and to quickly forget that eights were ever your concern.

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