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Good dentist Warsaw

Living in a city as big as Warsaw, you probably know how difficult it is to find A good dentist. Which choice will be the right one? The office should have modern equipment, high-quality materials and qualified medical personnel. In choosing a good dentist in Warsaw, it is worth being guided by the excellent opinion among Patients, as well as the high qualifications and experience of the dentist.

Doctors working in our dental office combine their many years of experience with care for the well-being of Patients using the most modern equipment and techniques. As a result of our efforts, we received from our Patients the most valuable values for us — trust and positive feedback. By choosing our dental office, You are guaranteed to be cured. Professional dentist, which will help you regardless of the complexity and scope of dental treatment.


Good dentist Warsaw Bemowo

We believe that conservative dentistry must be a comprehensive action to care for the teeth of our patients. In our office we are able to carry out a variety of procedures with many degrees of complexity. Our offer consists of orthodontics, root canal treatment under a microscope, prosthetics, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry. We operate according to the principle of all in one — all the services you need in one place. When you are treated with us, you do not have to look for another office. In case of any problems, we will help you on the spot. We always try to make our patients comfortable. Allow yourself to have a beautiful smile! Prosthetic treatment, which we offer, is designed not only to restore a wide smile on the faces of patients. First of all, it is to improve the comfort of their lives, maintaining the proper function of the entire chewing system. Orthodontics makes it possible to cure malocclusion regardless of the age of the patient. We treat both children and adults. Inserting Implants allows you to fill in dental deficiencies, improves the comfort of life and the aesthetics of a smile. Root canal treatment allows you to preserve the natural teeth and prevent their extraction. This requires a lot of skill and focus from the dentist. For this reason, we have equipped our office with high-end treatment microscopes.


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    Batalionów Chłopskich located at ul. Azurowa buses: 105, 122, 189, 190, 220
    Coopera-Dispensary  bus 249 located at Coopera str.
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  • Mediraty — possibility of deferral or installment payment
    To meet the expectations of customers, we allow you to finance treatment at Edent Stomatology within convenient installments, or pay the full amount after 30 days.
  • Availability
    We know very well how difficult it is in today's world to find time to visit a dentist. Therefore, with our patients in mind, we are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Dentist Warsaw

Dentists working in our office in Warsaw are real specialists in their field. They constantly improve their professional qualifications, and also have all the qualities that he should possess, a good dentist. They provide their services at the highest level. Our team is educated professionals, with a lot of knowledge and many years of experience, they have hundreds of successful treatments on their account. Over the years, our patients began to refer to us as “Good Dentist”.

This is for us the highest distinction and proof of recognition of the high guarantee of treatment. It is also a guarantee of an individual and holistic approach to each of our patients, whose number is constantly growing.


Each dentist working in our dental office in Warsaw, this professional in their specialization. He does his work not only with great precision and attention, but also with passion.

Dentists at Edent Dentistry make sure that every visit goes without stress, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We understand that there may be a variety of concerns about dental treatment. Our dentists describe the course of treatment each time and answer all patients' questions on an ongoing basis.

Conservative dentistry — Warsaw


The goal of a good dentist in Warsaw is that every Patient, both child and adult, can enjoy healthy teeth and a wide smile. A big role in this is played by prevention, that is, regular checks of the condition of the teeth in the dental office and the correct habits in oral hygiene.

Dentist in Warsaw doctor information

Even before you come to our office, you can get acquainted with the team of Edent Dentistry. Each of our dentists and dental hygienists has a tab on our website where you can find information about experience and completed courses. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of our specialists in the city of Warsaw. This will make it easier for you to choose a dentist.

What does a dentist do in Warsaw?

The dentist in Warsaw has the task of taking care of the snow-white smile of his patients and the health of their teeth. The procedures he performs vary in degree of complexity — from simple fillings to complex bone restorations. It all depends on the specialization you have. A dentist in Warsaw should use modern techniques and use appropriate equipment, such as a microscope or X-ray machine.

How does a visit to a dentist in Warsaw look like?

In our clinic, we want every patient to feel comfortable and comprehensively treated. All the procedures we perform are painless for the patient. We start each visit with an interview and examination using modern equipment. The doctor answers the questions and doubts of his patients on an ongoing basis.

Dental Consultation-Warszawa Bemowo

The consultation can be used not only by residents of the city of Warsaw, but also from any locality outside the capital.

Why us?


In this short article, we want to show you why The choice of dental clinic Edent is the best possible. Our goal is to care for the healthy and beautiful teeth of our Patients, as well as to provide them with the highest level of treatment. We use modern methods of treatment with the use of the highest class equipment, taking care of the patient's comfort. We bet on comprehensive treatment to our patients. We strive for excellent treatment results. For this reason, we consult cases in our group of specialists to determine the optimal treatment plan.

In our dental clinic we perform treatments of all specializations:

-canal treatment under a microscope (endodontics, also reendo),
-dental implants,
-orthodontic treatment (fixed and moving appliances),
-aesthetic dentistry (veneers, whitening),
-procedures in the field of dental surgery.

Our office is equipped with modern and high-end diagnostic and operational equipment.
Each treatment plan is always tailored individually for a particular patient.

Edent Stomatology Clinic is located in Warsaw, in the Bemowo district on Batalionów Chłopskich Street 87. You can get to our clinic quickly and easily. Remember, your health and satisfaction are the most important to us. We bet on comprehensive treatment to our patients. We strive for excellent treatment results. For this reason, we consult cases in our group of specialists to determine the optimal treatment plan.

Dentistry Warsaw — Bemowo


Every person who wants to be treated by a good dentist is invited to the Edent clinic in Warsaw in the Bemowo district. We guarantee an individual approach to each patient and the highest quality of services. Each of our dentists has many years of experience and the necessary knowledge in order to provide services at the highest possible level and fully professionally. We invite you to register and take advantage of our offer. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

List of dental services — Stomatologia Edent Warsaw

Get acquainted with the offer of services offered in the Edent Dental office. It is a place where modern dental equipment and technologies serve your health. Thanks to the use of the latest solutions, our team of specialists can provide effective treatment and a high level of service.
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