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Pediatric dentistry — an important and effective treatment

Pediatric dentistry is very important because it helps ensure oral and dental health in children of developmental age. The goal of pediatric dentistry is to prevent dental and oral diseases, as well as to ensure proper hygiene and proper eating habits. In pediatric dentistry, modern technologies and methods of treatment are used that are tailored to the needs and capabilities of children.

What is included in pediatric dentistry?

In pediatric dentistry, there are a number of different services that are designed to ensure the oral health of the baby. Among them are:

Why is pediatric dentistry important?

  • Acute caries is characterized by a soft and light brown structure, which quickly occupies deeper and deeper layers of tooth tissues.
  • Circular caries occurs in the suture sites.
  • In the elderly, chronic caries can be distinguished, which is formed when the protective processes of the pulp and components of saliva align with destructive processes.
  • In young children, there is a so-called bottle caries, which is usually localized on the front teeth. Caused by an excess of sweets, as well as giving the baby a pacifier dipped in sugar-containing products.
  • Atypical caries appears on canal-treated teeth, that is, devoid of pulp.
Children's dentistry is important because it helps prevent the development of dental and oral diseases in children. In developmental age, many children have imperfections and abnormalities in the development of teeth and oral cavity that require treatment. Pediatric dentistry also helps to form the correct eating and hygiene habits that will have an impact on oral health in the long term.

How to prepare for a visit to the dentist with a child?

To prepare for a visit to the dentist with your child, you must:
  • Select good dental office for children. You can look for information about this on the Internet, from your parents or your child's doctor. A pediatric dentist should be a specialist who has knowledge and experience in treating children's teeth, as well as the ability to encourage them to take care of healthy teeth.
  • Introduce the child to the dental office. This can be done through books, educational videos, or office visits before a doctor's visit. The child should know what to expect there, what treatments are performed and why they are important.
  • Take your favorite toys or comics with you. You can also take your favorite disc with you to make the child more relaxed.
  • Do not tell your child about pain. It is not worth scaring a child by talking about pain, as this can cause anxiety and stress.
Remember that pediatric dentistry is important to ensure healthy and strong baby teeth, as well as to prevent dental problems in the future. Therefore, it is important that visits to the dentist are pleasant and not stressful for the child.
You no longer have to look for a safe and effective place to treat your baby's teeth. Well-prepared and experienced doctors at the Edent office in Warsaw are ready to provide professional dental care to your child. Our modern equipment and equipment are specially adapted to the needs of patients of all ages, including the youngest. Make an appointment with Edent today and let your child enjoy healthy, white teeth and a beautiful smile for years to come!

We know perfectly well how stressful the first visit to the dentist is for the child, as well as for his parent who brings him to this visit.

Regular visits to the dentist from an early age will save your child and you from unnecessary stress in the future. Our youngest patients are cared for
doctor dentist Maja Lipiec.

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How long does caries treatment take?

The duration of caries treatment depends on the degree of development and depth of the defect. On average, the procedure takes about an hour. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

Why are check-ups every 6 months so important?

Only a thorough examination of the teeth by a dentist can make caries lesions detected at an early stage. This will save you unnecessary stress, time and money. In case of caries detected at this stage, the dentist gives all recommendations to cure the lesion. Prevention consists, first of all, in thorough cleaning of the teeth (brushing, flossing and the use of rinses), reducing the amount of consumption of sugars and the use of fluoride preparations. Detection of such a change at the initial stage of development and taking appropriate measures can cause it to stop or even completely reverse it. On the other hand, neglected caries can lead to breakage of the enamel surface, resulting in the formation of a defect. If such a situation arises, general dentistry will help us in solving this problem. However, let's remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry
First Office Visit - Overview/Adaptation Visit
80 PLN
Follow-up visit after 3 months
50 PLN
Milk tooth filling (white or colored)
180-250 PLN
Dressing in milk tooth
100-150 PLN
Extraction of milk tooth
100-200 PLN
Devitalization of the pulp in the milk tooth
150 PLN
Lacquer milk teeth (both arches)
150 PLN
Cleaning mixed teeth + fluoridation
200-250 PLN
Varnishing of furrows
150 PLN
Varnishing of widened furrows
200 PLN
Ineffective visit in the absence of cooperation of the child
50 PLN

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