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Beautiful teeth for life — dental implants

We all know how much impact a complete dentition has on our quality of life. Teeth are very important, not only in the process of chewing or biting, but also help in correct pronunciation and make our smile more beautiful. Loss of one or more teeth due to age, following an accident, advanced caries diseases, or periodontitis, It can seriously complicate our lives. For most patients, the aesthetic effect is also very important. Fortunately, we have implants.
Dental Implants, installed in the Edent office, are able not only to fully restore the functional function of the dentition, but also to solve the psychological and aesthetic problems of Patients. A good implantologist can provide “new teeth” that not only look good, but also restore the joy of eating, talking and a beautiful smile. In our office, the installation of dental implants is a procedure often performed and praised by patients.

How have teeth been replaced so far?

Most of us have solved this problem with classic bridges and prostheses. Both methods are helpful, but they are not the best solution available. The bridge, as the name implies, fills the gap between the teeth. The same as the communication bridge, the dentaldental bridge requires two stable pillars. The construction of pillars in turn requires two healthy, functional, full-fledged teeth. These teeth must be irretrievably deprived of enamel, which will cause them to no longer fulfill their original function. In the case of total dentures, with the passage of time, it will become more and more difficult to stabilize. The reason for the discomfort of some patients is the loss of bone tissue of the jaw or lower jaw under the prosthesis. Others have a problem with overgrowth of the oral mucosa. The wearer Prosthesis may have issues with the proper digestion of food, which in the aftermath can affect serious disorders of the digestive system.

How do LASAK implants work?

  • Acute caries is characterized by a soft and light brown structure, which quickly occupies deeper and deeper layers of tooth tissues.
  • Circular caries occurs in the suture sites.
  • In the elderly, chronic caries can be distinguished, which is formed when the protective processes of the pulp and components of saliva align with destructive processes.
  • In young children, there is a so-called bottle caries, which is usually localized on the front teeth. Caused by an excess of sweets, as well as giving the baby a pacifier dipped in sugar-containing products.
  • Atypical caries appears on canal-treated teeth, that is, devoid of pulp.
Professional dental implantology is based on materials that are fully biocompatible with the tissues of the body, which eliminates the problem of rejection of dental implants. They are an artificial replacement for the root of the tooth, which is established in the jaw bone or lower jaw and, in combination with the abutment, forms the basis for fixing the new tooth. Dental implants are made of pure titanium that does not cause allergic reactions and rejection by the tissues of the human body.

The alternative to them are zirconium implants that look more like bone structures — in case of possible regression of the gum line, this allows to preserve the natural aesthetics of the oral cavity. LASAK dental implants are coated with a unique BIO coating that accelerates the healing process. An artificial tooth is fixed in the same way as a natural one. This is the only way to ensure the stability and full functionality of the implant, comparable to your own teeth.

How is the treatment process? Dental implants step by step.

First, the dentist inserts an implant in the form of a small screw into the jaw or jaw. After healing of the implant, within a few weeks, a so-called pillar is mounted on the screw. The pillar has the shape of a cylinder that protrudes from the gum. An artificial ceramic tooth is then mounted on it. Visually, it is indistinguishable from a natural tooth, and at bite it is very stable.

Should we be afraid of pain?

Certainly not! Implantation is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Patients compare the sensations during the insertion of the implant with the sensations that accompany them during the removal of teeth.

How long will BioNiq® dental implants last?

To a large extent, it will depend on you. According to the indications of the dentist, it is necessary to observe systematic and thorough oral hygiene, while it is worth focusing not only on the teeth themselves or dental implants, but also on the gums. It is imperative to maintain oral hygiene at the best possible level. Periodontal disease process can cause prolapse of implant. With existing inflammation of the oral cavity, implant can do more harm than good.

Proper care of implants lays the foundation for their functional durability for the rest of their lives.

Read the opinions of our satisfied patients

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How long does caries treatment take?

The duration of caries treatment depends on the degree of development and depth of the defect. On average, the procedure takes about an hour. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

Why are check-ups every 6 months so important?

Only a thorough examination of the teeth by a dentist can make caries lesions detected at an early stage. This will save you unnecessary stress, time and money. In case of caries detected at this stage, the dentist gives all recommendations to cure the lesion. Prevention consists, first of all, in thorough cleaning of the teeth (brushing, flossing and the use of rinses), reducing the amount of consumption of sugars and the use of fluoride preparations. Detection of such a change at the initial stage of development and taking appropriate measures can cause it to stop or even completely reverse it. On the other hand, neglected caries can lead to breakage of the enamel surface, resulting in the formation of a defect. If such a situation arises, general dentistry will help us in solving this problem. However, let's remember that prevention is always better than cure.


Implantology consultation
150 PLN
Controlled bone regeneration*
from 1500 zł
3000 PLN
Exposing the implant — the healing screw
300 PLN
Porcelain crown on a metal base
2500 PLN
Full ceramic crown
3500 PLN
Porcelain crown on a metal substructure in the span of the bridge
1500 PLN

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