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Conservative Dentistry

General dentistry, also called conservative dentistry, deals with the detection and treatment of caries cavities that have arisen. Caries covers the hard tissues of the tooth and is caused by bacteria found in the mouth.

Caries bacteria also contribute to gum and periodontal disease, causing an unpleasant odor from the mouth and can enter the bloodstream and other important organs such as the heart, liver, or kidneys along with the blood. Therefore, the treatment of caries is significant not only for maintaining a beautiful smile, but also for the health of the whole organism.


Types of caries

Destroyed by caries the structure of the tooth does not recover, however, dental treatment can stop its development. The earlier the patient diagnosis's caries, the less complicated, but also cheaper, the treatment will be. Conservative dentistry involves removing damaged tooth tissues and replacing them with specially designed material. The formation of caries is most influenced by the way of nutrition, compliance with oral hygiene and appropriate habits.


Know the types of caries:

  • Acute caries is characterized by a soft and light brown structure, which quickly occupies deeper and deeper layers of tooth tissues.
  • Circular caries occurs in the suture sites.
  • In the elderly, one can distinguish chronic caries, which is formed when the defensive processes of the pulp and components of saliva align with destructive processes.
  • In young children, there is a so-called bottle caries It is usually located on the front teeth. Caused by an excess of sweets, as well as giving the baby a pacifier dipped in sugar-containing products.
  • Atypical caries appears on canal-treated teeth, that is, devoid of pulp.

Untreated caries of any type covers subsequent tissues of the tooth, reaching its center — the pulp, which can lead to its death and infection of the periapical tissues, which may result in root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

How is caries formed?

Dental caries can develop at a very rapid rate. Improper oral hygiene and bad habits can lead to the formation of tartar and plaque first, what then This can lead to the development of caries. In the very early stages of development, caries is a white spot on the enamel, which the dentist can detect only in the conditions of the dental office. It is called a caries stain. It is a clouding of the enamel that can be inhibited, thanks to Fluorine-calcium prophylaxis. The white spot only after some time, due to the absorption of dyes from food, becomes a stain visible to the naked eye.

How long does caries treatment take?

The duration of caries treatment depends on the degree of development and depth of the defect. On average, the procedure takes about an hour. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

Why are check-ups every 6 months so important?

Only a thorough examination of the teeth by a dentist can make caries lesions detected at an early stage. This will save you unnecessary stress, time, and money. In the case caries when detected at this stage, the dentist gives all recommendations to cure the lesion. Prophylaxis consists primarily of thorough cleaning of the teeth (brushing, flossing and the use of rinses), reducing the amount of consumption of sugars and Use of fluoride preparations. Detection of such a change at the initial stage of development and taking appropriate measures can cause it to stop or even completely reverse it. On the other hand, neglected caries can lead to breakage of the enamel surface, resulting in the formation of a defect. If such a situation arises, general dentistry will help us in solving this problem. However, let's remember that prevention is always better than cure.

If you need help in the field of conservative dentistry, we invite you to our dental office! We are located in Bemowo district, Warsaw city. Our specialists in conservative dentistry are doctor dentist Martyna Gadomska and dentist Katarzyna Gaj.

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Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry
Cervical filling
250 PLN
Complete development and restoration of tooth decay
300-400 PLN
Complete development and restoration of a badly damaged tooth
450-600 PLN
Aesthetic restoration of the defect
350-450 PLN
Composite Tooth Reconstruction for Root Canal Treatment
200 PLN
100-200 PLN
Temporal filling
150-200 PLN
Caries removal with ICON
400-500 PLN
Glass fiber used for conservative tooth restoration
600 PLN
Additional input for glass fiber reconstruction
100 PLN
50 PLN/tooth

General treatments

General treatments
First visit - review with the establishment of a treatment plan
100 PLN
Prescription consultation
130 PLN
Surgical consultation
150 PLN
Prosthetic consultation
150 PLN
Implantology consultation
150 PLN
Orthodontic consultation
150 PLN
Follow-up visit after 6 months
50 PLN
Photo RVG
50 PLN

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