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X-ray laboratory in the Edent office

Comprehensive X-ray dental diagnostics


The X-ray laboratory in the Edent office is a place where we offer a wide range of radiological examinations. Modern equipment allows us to make precise images, which are necessary for comprehensive dental diagnostics. Our team of specialists with many years of experience provides patients with high quality tests and safety during their conduct.


Why use the X-ray studio in the Edent office?

Pantomogram and cephalometry, arc-section CBCT tomography, point RVG and wing-occipital RVG are just some of the services we offer as part of imaging diagnostics. Thanks to these studies, we are able to accurately assess the condition of the dentition. We can detect diseases of the teeth and gums, as well as plan treatment accordingly.

Pantomogram allows you to take a single picture, on which all the teeth, jaws, and jaws are visible. Which allows us to accurately assess the condition of the oral cavity. Cephalometry is a radiological examination that is used to evaluate the development of the face, jaw and dentition, in order to plan orthodontic treatment.

Arc-section CBCT tomography is a study that allows you to make a detailed picture of anatomical structures. It is indispensable in the case of planning the implantation of dental implants. Point RVG and wing-occipital RVG is a test that allows you to assess the condition of individual teeth and their position relative to other teeth. Thanks to such diagnostics, we can decide on the best treatment, tailored individually to the needs of each patient.

What services do we offer within the X-ray studio?

As part of the X-ray studio in the Edent office, we offer the following services:

  • Pantomograph — it is a test that allows us to obtain an image of all the teeth and facial structures. Thanks to this, we are able to detect pathologies within the teeth, temporomandibular joints, cranial bones, maxillary and nasal sinuses. The pantomogram is particularly useful in case of suspected periodontal disease, dental cysts or inflammation.
  • Cephalometry — is a test that allows to evaluate the structure of the face and bones of the skull. It is a study used, among others, to plan orthodontic treatment. Thanks to cephalometry, we can assess the degree of curvature of the bite and the angle of placement of the lower jaw relative to the skull.

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  • Arc-section CBCT tomography — it is a test that makes it possible to obtain a section of the dental arch in three dimensions. This allows very accurate images to be obtained, which allows precise planning of implant and orthodontic treatment. This test is very useful in the case of implant treatment, as it allows you to precisely determine the place where the implant should be placed.
  • Point RVGs — is a test that allows you to take pictures of one or more teeth in order to diagnose pathologies within them. This is a useful examination if cavities, carious lesions or inflammatory lesions are suspected.
  • RVG wing-occipital — is an examination that allows you to obtain images of the dental arch and temporomandibular joints. Thanks to this, we are able to effectively assess the health of the teeth and temporomandibular joints. This is a particularly useful test if diseases of these joints are suspected or when planning orthodontic treatment, as it allows to accurately image the structure of the face and bones of the skull. Thanks to this, the dentist is able to determine the exact parameters of the treatment and plan the appropriate steps that will lead to the best results.

X-ray laboratory in the Edent office

Our X-ray studio in the Edent office is equipped with modern equipment that allows you to obtain very accurate and precise images. All examinations are carried out by experienced specialists, who make every effort to make the examination comfortable and safe for the patient. If you need a comprehensive dental diagnosis, we invite you to use the services of our X-ray laboratory in the Edent office. Thanks to this, you will be sure that your dental diagnosis will be carried out accurately and comprehensively, and the dentist will be able to plan the appropriate treatment steps that will allow you to achieve the best results.


X-ray diagnostics

X-ray diagnostics
100 PLN
100 PLN
Arc-section CBCT tomography
150 PLN
Point RVGs
50 PLN
RVG winge-occipital
50 PLN

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