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Prosthetic treatment

Dental prosthetics deals with the restoration of extensively damaged or lost teeth, as a result of the disease process (caries). Filling the gaps — by the dentist-prostheticIt involves the restoration of the shape, color, function, as well as the conditions that prevailed in the oral cavity before the loss or damage to the teeth. Warsaw — more precisely, the Bemowo district — is the place where we receive patients.


Why is the restoration of missing teeth so important?

Prosthetics can affect any of us.
Leaving the missing tooth without restoration (dentures from acron, dental prosthesis on implants, etc.) causes:

  • bone atrophy,
  • difficulty chewing food bites,
  • shifting, tilting adjacent and opposite teeth in the direction of the gap,
  • gum and periodontal disease,
  • changes in facial features.
Types of dentures differ among themselves due to the method of attachment in the oral cavity. We can distinguish fixed dentures and movable.

Permanent dentures

Permanent dentures They are reconstructions that are permanently fixed in the oral cavity, so there is no way to remove them yourself. This action can only be performed by a doctor in the dental office. Among the permanent dentures, we can distinguish:
Crown-Root Inserts
When, after the development of tissues with a significantly damaged tooth, only the root remains, a good dentist-prosthetic can recommend restoration with coronal root insert.
warsaw-edent-dental prostheses
The crown-root insert is made up of two parts:

-Root — we fix it in the root canal, it is a scaffold for the crown.

— which protrudes above the surface of the root, and it is on it that we place the future crown.Crown — which protrudes above the surface of the root and it is on it that we place the future crown.

The cartridge can be made of fiberglass or metal alloy or gold. The choice of material from which it will be made is decided by the doctor based on the conditions prevailing in the patient's oral cavity.
Prosthetic crown
Prosthetic crown is a prosthetic complement, which is permanently cemented in the patient's oral cavity, reproduces the natural crown of the tooth in appearance. We embed it on the crown part of the cartridge. It completely covers the damaged tooth, improving its appearance and shape. We always adjust the color of the crown to the shade of the rest of the natural teeth.
There are 3 options for making a prosthetic crown, which depend on the material of the substructure.
It is:

-crown on a metal substructure,
— crown on zirconium substructure,
— full ceramic crown.

Crowns on a metal substructure are the most commonly used components due to the price. Made of metal alloys, they resist significant chewing forces in the sections of the side teeth. For restoration of front teeth we recommend crowns on zirconium or full ceramic because compared to crowns on a metal substructure are more aesthetic. Our dental office is located in Warsaw and more specifically in district Bemowo This is where you can carry out this procedure.
In order to perform the restoration of the tooth with the use of a crown-root insert and a prosthetic crown, 3 visits are required.

1. On the first of them, the prosthetic doctor develops the root of the tooth for the cartridge. We take an impression, which is sent to the laboratory. The second visit is dedicated to cementing the crown-root insert made by the technician and preparing the tooth for the prosthetic crown. At this stage, we take further impressions in order to make the final crown in the prosthetic laboratory.

2. After this visit, the tooth can be secured with a temporary crown made of composite. As the name suggests, it is a temporary solution to protect the cut tooth, as well as improve patient comfort.

3. The third visit involves cementing the finished crown after prior acceptance by the patient and checking the tightness by the prosthetics.
Prosthetic Bridge

Prosthetic crown is a prosthetic complement, which is permanently cemented in the patient's oral cavity, reproduces the natural crown of the tooth in appearance. We embed it on the crown part of the cartridge. It completely covers the damaged tooth, improving its appearance and shape. We always adjust the color of the crown to the shade of the rest of the natural teeth.
Removable dentures

Acrylic denturesare a standard movable complement. Depending on the need, they come in partial or complete versions. Totally Masks are made of acrylic, which imitates the color and structure of the gums, as well as the patientpatient's teeth. The most common, they are used for people with toothless teeth. A contraindication to wearing an acrylic prosthesis is an allergy to residual monomer.

Flexible dentures — alternative to acrylic dentures. They are recommended for both partial absence of teeth and complete toothlessness. Made of flexible materials such as acetal, acron and nylon.
Patients wearing flexible dentures enjoy their lightness, which translates into comfort of use.

The advantages of flexible dentures can also be attributed to high aesthetics, which is achieved by the absence of visible clasps and the ability to match the color to the natural dentition of the patient. In addition, the exclusion of metal clasps eliminates the metallic taste in the mouth that accompanies skeletal prostheses.
warsaw-edent-denture-skeletal dentures
The disadvantage of prostheses made of acron, as the only flexible type, is their fragility. Incorrect oral hygiene of the patient is a contraindication to the use of elastic restorations. Dentures made of less homogeneous materials than acrylic have greater absorbency, so they are not recommended for lovers of strong tea, coffee, or smokers.

Skeletal prostheses
In case of partial loss of teeth, they are one of the main options for restoring the dentition. Performed on a metal substructure, the so-called skeleton. They are based both on preserved teeth and on dental processes — mucous membranes. In the oral cavity, they hold steadily, thanks to the clasps. They can also be part of the reconstruction structure with latches and latches, forming combined works.
warsaw-edent-denture-skeletal dentures

Prosthetics — stages of treatment

The process of choosing a dental prosthesis consists of several stages:

  • Visit to the dentist: The patient visits his dentist, who preliminarily assesses the condition of the teeth and explains possible treatment options.
  • Diagnostic examination: The dentist conducts a thorough diagnostic examination to determine which teeth need support with a prosthesis and what are the patient's requirements for the color and shape of the prosthesis.
  • Design of the prosthesis: The dentist selects the appropriate type of prosthesis, including the material and shape, and creates the design of the dental prosthesis, which is taken into account during the production process.
  • Design: The dentist and the patient jointly decide on the appearance of the prosthesis, choosing the right color and shape so that the prosthesis is as close as possible to the patient's natural teeth.
  • The final match: After receiving the prosthesis, the dentist makes a final fit and, if necessary, makes minor adjustments to ensure comfortable and correct use.
  • Reception of the prosthesis: After fitting the prosthesis, the patient picks it up and can start using it daily.
Choosing a dental prosthesis is a complex process, but with a good dentist it can be easy and enjoyable. Proper fit of the prosthesis is essential for the best results and to ensure the durability and strength of the prosthesis.

Proper hygiene + prosthetics = beautiful smile

By taking care of your dental prosthesis, we not only maintain its good appearance, but also ensure comfort and oral health. Hygiene of the oral cavity is very important, especially if we wear a dental prosthesis. Observing a few simple rules, we can enjoy healthy and fresh breath, and our prosthesis will serve us for many years. Remember to wash the denture with water after each meal. To clean the prosthesis, let's use brushes designed for this purpose. Their bristles are double-sided and correspondingly hard. In order for the prosthesis to be thoroughly cleaned of debris and bacteria, for brushing, use sanitizing fluids for dentures. Store the prosthesis in a dry and airy container. This will prevent damage to it. And finally: we do not soak the prosthesis in water! This is a widely replicated, harmful myth. Execution The best fit of the restoration of the prosthetic dentition, taking into account the patient's expectations, depends on the decision of the dentist and the dental technician. Immediate prosthesis, on Implants or maybe a prosthetic bridge? In our dental office, located in Warsaw (in the Bemowo district), we will choose the best solution for you. We assure you that its price will be favorable. Our goal is that the created complement resembles natural teeth as much as possible, and the patient feels comfortable in its daily use.

Read the opinions of our satisfied patients

warsaw-bemowo-dentist-officeCheck out the opinions of our patients


Prosthetic consultation
150 PLN
Coronal root insert straight steel
550 PLN
Steel composite crown-root insert
650 PLN
Crown-root insert made of gold
550 zł+the cost of gold spent
Temporary crown made in the office
200 PLN
Temporary crown made by a technician
300 PLN
Photo of the old crown/bridge
200 PLN
Crown faced with porcelain on a metal base
1300 PLN
Porcelain veneered crown on gold substructure
1300 zł+cost of used gold
Procelane crown on zirconium oxide substructure
1800 PLN
Composite veneer made in the office
550 PLN
Composite veneers (made by dental technician)
900 PLN
Porcelain Veneer
1800 PLN
Veneer with a minimum preparation range
2000 PLN
Composite Inlay/Onlay
1200 PLN
Ceramic Inlay/Onlay
1800 PLN
Acrylic Partial Denture
900-1500 PLN
Acrylic denture (upper or lower)
1700 PLN
Skeletal prosthesis (upper or lower)
1800 PLN
Reinforcement of the denture plate with a mesh
200 PLN
Another point in the prosthesis
100 PLN
Denture plate lining
400 PLN
Relaxation rail soft/hard
700 PLN

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